Znak Politechniki Warszawskiej

DS Tatrzańska

Tatrzanska is a small quiet and clean dormitory with a significant percentage of doctoral students. It is located in a quiet neighborhood in Warsaw's Sielce district.


ul. Tatrzańska 7A, 00-742 Warszawa

Building administrator
Jarosław Sobol
e-mail: Jarosław.sobol@pw.edu.pl


mgr Kinga Czerniakowska
tel. wew.: (22) 234 + wew: 3405
fax: 22 841 28 43
e-mail: Kinga.czerniakowska@pw.edu.pl

tel. wew.: (22) 234 + wew. 3400
e-mail: recepcja.tatrzanska@pw.edu.pl

Administration’s office working hours:

Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.

Location of administration:

Behind the glass door on the first floor to the right of the DS entrance.

Social Media:

https://www.facebook.com/RM.Tatrzanska - Fanpage

Dormitory Council of Residents:

Chairman - Adam Kardasz


  • artosz Rumiński
  • Rafał Pietrynko
  • Gabriela Głąb
  • Adam Ślusarczyk
  • Bartosz Iwasieczko

How to contact Dormitory Council of Residents (RM)? 

via fanpage message

How does the process of moving in and moving out looks like? 

When you are accommodated in DS you give your data, then you get a room key, furnishings: lamp, bedding, curtains, curtains. At check-in you should have a photo to make a resident's card, which you receive after moving into the DS.

At check-out you pass the borrowed equipment and fill out a card on which the cleaning service lady and roommate must sign.

Kitchens’ description 

There is one kitchen per floor with 2 electric stoves equipped with ovens.

Bathrooms’ description

Bathrooms are located in segments and are equipped with a shower, sink and toilet.

Common Rooms 

Banquet room p.9a (There are couches and tables. Access to the room is for all DS residents after collecting a key from the reception desk. It is also possible to borrow board games or PS3 from RM for this purpose, please write on the fanpage with your question).

Quiet study rooms p.311 and 411 (Access to the room is for all DS residents after collecting a key from the reception)

Laundry and drying room 

Laundry room p.111 (Laundry is charged 5 PLN)
Drying room p.211 (You can hang up your laundry in the dryer, however, the dryers there are private. It is best to have your own to make sure it will be free)

Information on recycling, and taking out garbage 

Garbage is taken to the garbage garbage cans standing in front of DS (behind the gate, the key to which lies at the reception). Garbage is not segregated.

What is unnecessary to take, because is provided by the dormitory or Residents’ Council?

Vacuum cleaner and mop stands on the first floor on the left at the entrance to DS.
You can retrieve a desk lamp, bedding and blanket, and curtains and curtains from the DS warehouse.

Types and description of rooms:

In DS Tatrzanska Mostly there are 2-bed rooms in segments of two. Less common are single rooms in segments or stand-alone single rooms. Tatrzanska is the only DS PW to also provide rooms adapted for people with disabilities.

Infrastructure around the dormitory:

Nearby is the Morskie Oko Park and the southern entrance to the Łazienki Królewskie. Nearby DS is Żabka, Lewiatan, and a piece further away Biedronka and Rossman. There is also a Lidl not far away. From the bus stops nearby, you can reach the main campus as well as the south campus in about 35 minutes.

How to report the technical faults?

Faults are best reported at the front desk.

How to receive guests during the day and after 11pm?

When introducing guests, you must personally make an entry in the notebook at the reception desk. To accommodate a guest for the night, inform the porter by entering the visit.