Znak Politechniki Warszawskiej

DS Akademik

You can meet students from all of the faculties, around 800 people. Location: Narutowicz Square. The oldest WUT dormitory, on the second floor, is a bust of Gabriel Narutowicz, funded by Students’ Council in the 1970s.


 ul. Akademicka 5 02-038 Warszawa

Phone Numbers:

tel.22 234 44 77, 22 6687724

e-mail: akademik.ds@pw.edu.pl


mgr Tomasz Rutecki
DS „Akademik”, pok. 403
tel. wew.: (22) 234 + wew: 4485
e-mail: Tomasz.rutecki@pw.edu.pl


Paulina Bińkowska
DS. „Akademik” room 493
tel. wew.: (22) 234 + wew: 4673, 4425
e-mail: paulina.binkowska@pw.edu.pl

Piotr Sowa
DS. „Akademik” room 493
tel. wew.: (22) 234 + wew: 4416
e-mail: piotr.sowa@pw.edu.pl

Administration’s office hours

Monday-Friday: 8am – 4pm

Location of administration:

4th floor-accommodation and current affairs
1st floor-other affairs

LAN network administrator

Computerization Center- 5999@pw.edu.pl

Link to Social Media:

e-mail: akademik@samorzad.pw.edu.pl 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/DSAkademikPW/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ds.akademik.pw

Dormitory Council of Residents

Chairman - Jakub Daszkiewicz, pok. 323


  • Maciej Abramowicz, pok. 459
  • Alicja Bryguła, pok. 413
  • Jakub Dziopa, pok. 323
  • Zuzanna Grochowska, pok. 415
  • Aleksandra Karkowska, pok. 415
  • Klaudia Kmita, pok. 440
  • Zuzanna Lebuda, pok. 364
  • Daria Słowińska, pok. 388
  • Natan Śliwa, pok. 604
  • Szymon Tuz, pok. 306

How to contact Dormitory Council of Residents?


How does the process of moving in and moving out looks like?

Moving in: you go to the building’s administration (4th floor) to get formalities done, receive key to the room and bedding. Moving out: Return all borrowed equipment to the administration (4th floor) and clean your room carefully. Ask cleaning cleaning lady to check and sign the clearance slip.

Kitchens’ description

There is one kitchen per floor, with 3 gas stoves, 4 gas burners each.

Bathrooms’ description


There are, on average 8 showers and 12 water closets per floor.

Common Rooms

Banquet Hall- Jakub Dziopa, Aleksandra Karkowska
Music Room - Jakub Dziopa, Aleksandra Karkowska
Ping-pong room - Maciej Abramowicz, Zuzanna Labuda
Women’s Gym- Alicja Bryguła, Daria Słowińska
TV Room- Maciej Abramowicz, Alicja Bryguła
Quiet room (6th floor)- Zuzanna Grochowska, Natan Śliwa

Quiet room (8th floor) - Klaudia Kmita, Zuzanna Labuda
Billard room - Klaudia Kmita, Zuzanna Lebuda
Parking - Jakub Daszkiewicz
Bicycle room - Jakub Daszkiewicz
The most up-to-date information is in the display case at the entrance.

Laundry and drying room:

Laundry rooms on the 3rd and 6th floor, 5 zł for washing, there is a dryer, but it is definitely better to take a dryer and dry the laundry in the room or in the corridor.

Information on recycling, waste disposal

The rubbish is not segregated, we take it to courtyard, there is a container there.

What is best to take with you from home before your arrival?

Electric kettle, toaster, dishes and pots.

What is not worth taking, because it is provided by dormitory or Residents’ Council?

The dormitory provides bed linen, curtains and a bedside lamp. The vacuum cleaner can be borrowed from the administration.

Types and description of rooms

WC and showers in the corridor, independent rooms, usually 2-person, about 13m2.

Each double room has at least 2 tables, 2 chairs, 2 hanging shelves, 1 standing shelves, 1 large wardrobe.

Each room also has a sink and a mirror.

Infrastructure around the dormitory

Getting to the central campus takes 10 minutes by tram, to the southern campus takes 30 minutes by tram. Getting to the closest shopping mall takes 10 minutes on foot. Getting to the Central Railway Station takes 10 min by train.

How to report technical faults?

Technical faults can be reported to the administration (4th floor) or the lodge.

How to receive guests during the day and after 11 PM?

1. Guests of DS residents have the right to stay on the premises of the DS during the hours

visits, i.e. from 7am to 11pm.

2. The resident must pick up his visitor from the lodge.

3. Occupants of one room cannot accept more than 2 guests in total.

4. Guests of the residents must show their identity document to the porter.

5. All visits are recorded in the local visitor register.

6. During the visit to the Dormitory, the guest receives a guest card.

7. The Guest may stay on the premises of the Dormitory outside the visiting hours after obtaining it

from RM of an overnight permit.

8. A resident who wants to extend the guest's visit beyond the visiting hours has

the obligation to show the porter the permission signed by the Residents’ Council member

before 11pm.

9. Guests who do not have an overnight stay permit may enter the Dormitory premises no

later than 10 minutes before the end of visiting hours.

10. The same guest may stay in the Dormitory thanks to the permit:

• no longer than 3 consecutive nights,

• no more than 5 nights a month.

11. The overnight permit must include:

• date of accommodation,

• name, surname, number of the host's room,

• name and surname of the guest,

• signatures of the host, guest and RM representative,

• a statement of responsibility for the guest.

12. A resident whose guests do not comply with the visiting regulations may

be temporarily banned from receiving visitors.

13. Guests who do not accept these regulations are not allowed to enter the Dormitory.

14. In matters not covered by these regulations, it shall apply

Regulations of the Dormitory being an attachment to the Rector's Ordinance

no. 119/2021