Znak Politechniki Warszawskiej

DS Pineska-Tulipan

"Pineska-Tulipan"  is the dormitory mostly for the students of Chemical, Transport and Process Engineering Faculties. It’s located near Narutowicz Square. Our dormitory can accommodate around 350 residents, but because of the upcoming renovation we will only have around 150 the following year. Playing urinals are a fun curiosity.


ul. Uniwersytecka 5, 02-036 Warszawa

Building administrator:

mgr Justyna Andrzejkiewicz tel.wew.: 22 234 4470 

E-mail: Justyna.andrzejkiewicz@pw.edu.pl


Mgr Dorota Sobol Tel.wew.:22 234 4201 Tel.miejski: 228220422 E-mail: Dorota.sobol@pw.edu.pl

Edyta Wojciechowska Tel.wew.:22 234 4201 Tel.miejski:228220422 E-mail: Edyta.wojciechowska@pw.edu.pl

Conservator: Janusz Fijałkowski Tel.wew.:22 234 4301

Lodge: Telefon do portierni: 22 234 4300

Administration’s office hours

Monday- Friday, except Wednesday: 8am-4pm

Wednesday - 10am-6pm

Location of administration:

On the ground floor in Tulipan

LAN network administrator:

Janusz Kopytkowski (room 212A, Tulipan).

Social Media:

Strona: https://www.facebook.com/DSPineskaTulipan

Grupa: https://www.facebook.com/groups/830980003707676/?ref=share

Dormitory Council of Residents:

Chairman - Magdalena Majchrzyk


  • Piotr Kucharski
  • Wiktoria Skoneczna
  • Filip Stachyra
  • Kerem Altun
  • Michał Włosek
  • Jakub Rejdych


  • Anton Dolbik
  • Michelle Ingalis
  • Zofia Mróz
  • Hubert Sałuch
  • Bartosz Słońce
  • Katarzyna Juszczyńska

How to contact Dormitory Council of Residents?

Via e-mail: Pineska-tulipan@samorzad.pw.edu.pl or simply writing to Council’s members via Messenger

How does the process of moving in and moving out looks like?

Moving in: Go to the building’s administration (ground floor) to sign the card of equipment and protocol of handing over the room. After that you receive keys to your room, token card and resident’s card. If you need bedclothes go to the repository– it’s only open on certain hours, so it’s best to ask administration when to go.

Moving out: Get clearance slip from administration or lodge. Return all borrowed equipment and clean your room carefully. Ask cleaning lady to check and sign the clearance slip. Then ask Mr. Jurek to check if all room’s equipment is fine and sign the clearing slip. Go to the administration with signed clearance slip to return key to the room.

Kitchens’ description

There is one kitchen per floor, with 3 gas stoves, 4 gas burners and 1 oven.

Bathrooms’ description

There is one women’s bathroom and one men’s bathroom per floor. Each has 2-bathroom cabins plus men’s has 2 urinals.

Common Rooms

Television Room - 2nd floor, Tulipan caretaker: Wiktoria Skoneczna 312B please contact via Messenger to book

When renting the key, we give the caretaker the resident's card.

Laundry and drying room

In Tulipan there is two washing machine in the basement and one electric dryers. Laundry costs 5 zł, we pay with 1 zł and 2 zł coins.

Information on recycling, waste disposal

The rubbish is not segregated, we take it to the Pineska-Tulipan courtyard, there is a container there.

What is best to take with you from home before your arrival?

You have to bring your cooking utensils, a mop, RJ45 cable to the internet, iron, cleaning products, electric kettle

What is not worth taking, because it is provided by dormitory or Residents’ Council?

The dorm provides bedding, vacuum cleaners, curtains and a lamp. From Residents’ Council you can borrow tools, board games, guitars and keyboards.

Types and description of rooms

The buildings in DS Tulipan are segmented, most often in the segment there are two rooms, one room for one person, the other for two. The segment has a fridge, sink, cabinets where you can hide kitchen items, a worktop, a coat rack, and a bathroom with a shower and a washbasin. The rooms are equipped with a wardrobe, bed, desk, chair and cupboard.

Infrastructure around the dormitory

Near the dormitory there are grocery stores: Biedronka, Odido, Top Market, Pharmacy, Pizzeria la finestra, Żabka, cafes, tram terminus, parcel locker, Veturilo station. Getting to the central campus takes 25 minutes on foot or 10 minutes by tram, to the southern campus takes 40 minutes on foot, 25-30 minutes by tram

How to report technical faults?

Technical faults can be reported through the notebook, which is located at the lodge.

How to receive guests during the day and after 11 PM?

From 7 AM to 11 PM there is no limit to the number of guests. The guest must be picked up by a resident. One guest per resident may be accepted per night. The extensions are signed by the Residents' Council and Members of the Disciplinary Committee, they must be delivered to the concierge desk by 11 p.m. The extension template can be found in the description of the group on Facebook.