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DS Wcześniak

The Student Dormitory "Wcześniak" is one of the ten Student Dormitories of the Warsaw University of Technology, located in Płock, at Dobrzyńska 5 Street. The Student Dormitory was planned to be opened in 1977, however due to difficulties it was only opened two years later, i.e. 1979. The "Wcześniak" Student Dormitory is intended for the students of the Warsaw University of Technology Płock Branch. It has space for 610 students in Płock. At the back of the building there is a gazebo(with a barbecue) and a playing field, as well as paid unguarded parking for the Dormitory residents.


ul. Dobrzyńska 5, 09-400 Płock


Adam Górecki
tel. wew.: (24) 36-72 + wew: 291
tel. kom: 607 795 405
e-mail: Adam.Gorecki@pw.edu.pl


Ewelina Lewińska
tel. wew.: (24) 36-72 + wew: 293
e-mail: Ewelina.Lewinska@pw.edu.pl
mgr Monika Teresa Olczak
tel. wew.: (24) 36-72 + wew: 292
e-mail: Monika.Olczak@pw.edu.pl

Administration’s office hours 

Monday-Friday: 7:30-15:30

Location of administration:

Room No. 1, from the entrance turn right

LAN network administrator 

The network administrator of the Premature House is the Information and Multimedia Technology Department.

Social Media:


Dormitory Council of Residents:

Chairman - Jan Ulbrych


  • Natalia Piórkowska
  • Zuzanna Koźmińska
  • Klaudia Olender
  • Mateusz Bzduń
  • Alicja Chwała
  • Wiktoria Matusiak
  • Jan Ulbrych
  • Jakub Skorupa

How to contact Dormitory Councill of Residents (RM)?

Via fanpage of the Dormitory or WUT Students’ Union Plock Branch

How does the process of moving in and moving out looks like?

Moving in: once a student's application for accommodation has been processed, they are given the most important step-by-step information about the accommodation process and it looks like this:

- on arrival you must inform lodge that you want to be accommodated;

- Go to the Dormitory Council of Residents’ room (Room 18).

- Council representatives complete further formalities, provide you with detailed information and show you around the dormitory.

Moving out:

If you want to move out during the academic year, it's a good idea to report this to the administration a week in advance; on the day you want to move out, report it to the lodge, a member of the Councill will check the cleanliness of your room (if you're the last one to move out, it is the whole segment), then you hand over the keys and your resident card.

Kitchens’ description

The kitchen as a separate room is located on each residential floor with two four-burner gas cookers and an oven, a worktop for food preparation and two sinks.

Bathrooms’ description

The rooms in the segment are connected by a common sanitary facility (two washbasins, a shower and a toilet).

Common Rooms

 The keys to each of the common room are located in the lodge

  • quiet study room (there is a table, chairs and a piano, a room perfect for doing projects together)
  • recreation room (there is a pool table and a tennis table) - Mateusz Bzduń
  • TV room (there is a TV with digital TV, a table and places to sit for people watching)
  • a gym (the gym is located on the tenth floor in room number 1002. Keys to the gym are available to every student of WUT at the lodge (a prerequisite for using the gym is to sign in with the supervisor - . The gym consists of two larger rooms with sports equipment for use by the residents (WUT students) of the Dormitory (such as a treadmill or an atlas). - Wiktoria Matusiak
  • bicycle room (located at the entrance to the "Wrzesniak" Dormitory) - Alicja Chwała
  • "FILIP" student club (The club has tables, chairs, bathrooms and a sound system. The club can be rented after contacting the Residents' Council)- Jakub Skorupa

Laundry and drying room

The laundry facilities are located on the 4th and 6th floors in rooms number 418 and 618. The cost per wash is 5 zł.

The washing machine accepts coins of 5 zł, 2zł, 1zł and 0,50 zł. Keys to the laundry room are available at the lodge.

Dryers where you can hang up your laundry are located on the first, second and third floors in rooms 118, 218 and 318. Keys are available at the lodge.

Information about recycling, waste disposal

In the kitchen areas there are bags for the separation of glass, plastic/cans and a bin for BIO waste. Mixed rubbish should be disposed of in the chute located at the very end of the corridor.

What is the best thing to take with you from home before you arrive?

Basic cooking items, cutlery, internet cable, kettle, cups, plates, bowls, glasses, desk lamp.

What is not worth taking as it is provided by dormitory or Residents’ Council?

Duvet, pillow, bed linen, curtains and net curtains, blanket, hoover, clothes dryer (we have 3 dryers).

Types and description of rooms

In the Dormitory "Wcześniak" there are segments, in one segment there are four double rooms (squares or rectangles).

On each floor there is one segment with a single room. The rooms in the segment are connected by a common sanitary facility (two washbasins, a shower and a toilet). Each segment is equipped with a common fridge.

Furnishings and equipment in the double rooms: a window with a curtain and two curtains, a built-in wardrobe with shelves, two bookcases (80 cm and 40 cm wide), two single couches, a table, two chairs, two pillows, two duvets, bed linen (to be replaced with clean ones every three weeks), a computer network with LAN sockets.

Infrastructure around the dormitory

Shops such as Lidl or Netto, top market, Lewiatan, parcel machine by Lidl, pharmacy, bicycle station, post office, park, swimming pool

How to report technical faults?

Report faults at the lodge.

How do you receive guests during the day and after 11pm?

If you want to stay overnight or know that you are staying longer than 11 p.m., you need to sign an extension, i.e. you go to the lodge with your guest and the receptionist gives you an extension to sign (these are signed in advance by the Council).