Znak Politechniki Warszawskiej

DS Żaczek

Dormitory "Żaczek" is the closest dormitory for students of the southern campus. It is located in Mokotów at Wołoska 141A street. It consists of two identical blocks, each of which has 10 floors. The segments, consist of 2 separate rooms (2 people per room) and a shared bathroom with shower, toilet and kitchen, which distinguishes it from other WUT dormitories. On the ground floor there is a grocery store with necessities and a photocopier. Also 50 meters from dorm there is Żabka.

Each resident can borrow board games, book a cinema room with a projector, billiard room, or train in the gym. Around the DS there is a parking lot, a park and "Żaczek" pub, where you can eat a hot meal or drink a cold drink.


ul. Wołoska 141A, 02-507 Warszawa

Phone Numbers:

Lodge: 22 646 56 82

Building Administrator:

inż. Aaron Szymański, Aaron.szymanski@pw.edu.pl


Administration: Monika Wesołowka, 22 234 8888 sekretariat.zaczek@pw.edu.pl

Everyone has this email linked and people should be directed there.

Administration’s office hours 

Monday-Friday: 8am-3pm

Location of administration:

The administration is located in block C (the connector between block A and B). Take the stairs up, slightly to the left of the main entrance to the DS.

LAN network administrator 

Service Desk PW: 5999@pw.edu.pl

Social Media:

DS Żaczek Czat (FB Group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/141277162722537

Fangpage DS Żaczek: https://www.facebook.com/zaczekds

Dormitory Council of Residents:

Chairman - Monika Modrzyńska


  •  Anna Bednarska
  •  Krzysztod Bock
  • inż. Paweł Bohdanowicz
  •  Arystan Ibrayev 
  •  Adam Sebastian Krześniak 
  • Joanna Wdowiak
  • inż. Adrian Urbański
  • Michał Sowalski
  • Tomasz Myśliwy
  • Kamila Nita
  • Arkadiusz Zając
  • Marek Mikołaj Orpel

How to contact Dormitory Council of Residents (RM)? 

Form 2.0

How does the process of moving in and moving out looks like? 

Moving in:  We go to the administration counter with the ID. Mrs. Małgosia places the info in the system and issues the keys and a card with which you can borrow items from the repository. You can also get the internet token there. Then we go to the segment to check if there is a kitchen stove and curtains in the room, and leave the things. The next step is to go to the repository with the card, leave it there, and borrow the things we need.

Attention! Even if we do not borrow anything from the repository, it should be left there, because it will be needed when moving out.

The last step is to get a magnetic resident card for the front door. To do this, you need to:


1. Provide a photo with a clearly visible face, on a white background!

     Tip: You can download your photo from USOS (my USOSweb -> User information -> my profile page)

2. Send an e-mail to sekretariat.zaczek@pw.edu.pl with a photo in the attachment and the name and surname in the e-mail.

The title of the e-mail should preferably contain the words “Resident's card". For example:

"[Resident's card] Application for a card - Name and surname"

3. After receiving the response, come in person to pick up the card.

Waiting time is approximately one week.

Moving out: We go to the administration office for the clearance slip and collect the following signatures (preferably in this order):
1. Roommates: Confirmation of settlement with roommates,

2. Repository: Returning the borrowed items,

3. Cleaners: Passing the cleanliness check in the room when you move out,

    Tip: Checked items are listed on leaflet hung on information boards and elevators

4. Administration: Financial settlement with DS, returning the keys and resident's card

Kitchens’ description 

The kitchens are in the segments. Each kitchen includes a sink, fridge, worktop, drainer and a set of kitchen cabinets. The electric stove can be borrowed from the repository.

Bathrooms’ description

Bathrooms are in segments. They are divided into a bathroom with a shower and a toilet (separate rooms). There are also sinks in both rooms.

Common Rooms:

  • Cinema room, to the left of administration office; you can book it through Form 2.0, supervisor: RM
  • Gym: temporarily moved to the library room due to construction works, supervisor: Damian Kamiński

Laundry and drying room 

Laundry room is on the floor –1 in the building B. There are 4 washing machines and 2 electric dryers. Washing and drying is free. 

Information on recycling, and taking out garbage 

There is full waste segregation at DS Żaczek. The containers are in front of the entrance to the dormitory on the left side.

What is best to take with you from home before your arrival?

  • RJ45 cable (There are ethernet sockets in the rooms, no wifi and no cables for rent)
  • Router (if someone wants to make their own wifi)
  • Pans, pots, cutlery, plates
  • Kettle
  • Hair dryer, clothes dryer
  • Extension cord
  • Mop
  • Low expectations

What is not worth taking, because it is provided by dormitory or Residents’ Council? 

Vacuums, desk lamps, bedding

Types and description of rooms 

DS Żaczek is divided into segments. The rooms are double rooms. Standard equipment includes a bunk bed, two desks, two chairs, a wardrobe, a cupboard. Apart from rooms, the segments also include a kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet.

Infrastructure around the dormitory 

  • Near the dormitory there is:
  • Pub "Żaczek" - 0m (it is possible to enter the pub through the door in the mural); Lunch, dinner and drinks
  • Grocery store - 0m next to the front door; Food, necessities and photocopying
  • Żabka - 50m
  • WUT South Campus - the closest faculty is 80m away, the farthest - 400m
  • Pole Mokotowskie - ~ 700m; A great park with a lake and bike paths
  • Tram stop - 150m; Lines 17 and 41, which will take you to Metro Pole Mokotowskie (~ 5min), WUT Central Campus (~ 12min), Central Station (~ 15min) and Galeria Mokotów (~ 10min)
  • Parcel locker - ~ 700m at the Łowicka Center

How to report technical faults?

To report a technical fault, we go to the technicians in the workshop on floor –1 in the building A. There are to men permanently employed- one for general matters and the other for plumbing.

How to receive guests during the day and after 11 PM? 

During the day, common sense is the limit. An accommodation permit is required after 11pm, which must be delivered to the porter's lodge before 11pm. Restriction of one guest per capita. A given guest (no matter what resident accepts him) can stay for a maximum of 5 nights in a dorm in a given month, of which max. 3 nights in a row.
The template for the accommodation permit is available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-bgenZx1q4yL1iBKH5X9oCPXrxUc_RYD/view


It is also possible to permits in the shop downstairs, the seller has a template.

In exceptional cases, you can also write by hand.

Additional Information

Full list of things Dormitory Council of Residents can do:

1. Rent a cinema room

The cinema room is equipped with computer, 7.1 sound system and a pool table. To book a room, please use the contact form. Any resident of the dorm can make a reservation. Before booking a room, please check the availability on a given day in excel form of cinema room availability.

Billiard rental costs 2zł, so that any damage to the sticks or the table can be repaired on the fly.

2. Lend board games

We have a lot of board games to rent, including: The Settlers from Catan (+ Expansions), Terraforming Mars, Monopoly, Ticket to Ride. In addition, also logical, card and party games: chess, a set of poker chips with cards, gentlemen's cards, etc. A list of all board games is in excel with availability.

3. 3D printer

We have a slightly modified (better extruder, rubbers instead of springs, distance sensor) 3D printer Creality Ender-3 V2 with PET (G). For printing, please contact directly Maciej Smoliński.

5. Room painting accessories ️

We have rollers and trays in various sizes in stock. To borrow, please contact us via the form. Please remember to paint the room in bright, uniform colours and not to include any patterns! (seriously, no bees, butterflies and kittens pls).

6. Studio microphone ️

There is a studio microphone at Dormitory Council Room. The room itself is not very well insulated for some professional recordings, but if someone wants or needs such equipment, we can make it available.

7. Accommodation permits

It is possible to have guests overnight. The rules are:

1. Maximum one guest per person per night

2. Delivery of the permit to the lodge before 11pm

3. Maximum 3 nights in a row

4. Maximum 5 nights per month per guest

In the shop downstairs you can print permits (the seller has a form, you do not have to take a pendrive) or write them by hand.

8. Vacuum cleaners

We have two Karcher vacuum cleaners for rent. Vacuum cleaners are located in room 609B. To rent, write to Marcin Matczak or come and ask directly. If any of us are available, we will share it

9. Reports on current affairs

We remind you that you can report problems to us as they appear. We also use the form for this purpose. You can report both anonymously and non-anonymously.