Znak Politechniki Warszawskiej

DS Mikrus

Mikrus is a dormitory located in the center of Warsaw, right next to the ‘Metro Politechnika’ subway station. It is placed next to the Riviera student house. It takes about 10 minutes walking to the WUT central campus. There are 490 places in the dormitory, which consists of 10 residential floors. Each floor has one single room and 24 double rooms. This dormitory is mainly for students of the Power and Aeronautical engineering faculty, who live in the vast majority of rooms. Further down, a large group of students are from the faculty of M&I, Electronics and Information Technology and Physics. Individuals from the other faculties of WUT can be found in the dormitory. The distinguishing feature of this dormitory is the relative peace and quiet.

Adress: Ludwika Waryńskiego 10, 00-631 Warszawa


Building Administrator: Michal Was - phone: 22 234 9870, email address: michal.was@pw.edu.pl

Administration lady: Anna Jaroś - phone: 22 234 9861, email address: anna.jaros@pw.edu.pl

Maintenance men: Włodzimierz Rumiński and Krzysztof Witkowski - phone: 22 234 9865

Reception crew: Aneta Jarka, Piotr Jarka, Anna Misior, Grażyna Nowacka, Małgorzata Terlecka - phone: 22 234 9863

Administration’s office working hours:

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.

Location of administration:

After passing through the magnetic door, turn left and at the very end of the corridor is the administration room at the left.

LAN network administrator:

Best to contact via phone number: 22 234 5999 or email: 5999@pw.edu.pl

Social Media:

FB Group -https://www.facebook.com/groups/dsmikrus

Dormitory Fanpage - https://www.facebook.com/DSMikrus

Dormitory Council of Residents:

Chairman - Wiktoria Borys



  • Wiktoria Borys
  • Aliaksandra Shmyk
  • Mateusz Zadrożniak
  • Kajetan Pajor
  • Nikodem Eluszkiewicz
  • Joanna Kurzeja
  • Michał Wierzbicki
  • Filip Pelowski

How to contact Dormitory Council of Residents (RM)? 

Via FB profile or by email: rada.mikrus@gmail.com

How does the process of moving in and moving out looks like? 

When you have assigned a room in dormitory, you should come during accommodation period, at administration working hours (Monday- Friday; 8am- 3pm), fill out a short form, which can be found on the table in front of the administration room. Having that completed form, you can enter the room, with your ID card (student ID) to get the access to the dormitory's main door. After that, you will receive key to your room, resident's card and the token needed to obtain the access to the internet in your room. When all of formalities are done, you can go to the warehouse on level -1 to take the items in which one you are interested in (lamp, bedding, pillow…)

When you want to move out from your room, you are obliged to clean your room (clean the floor, cabinets, refrigerator, windows, sink). Then you need to go to the administration to take the form. With this paper, you need to catch any cleaning lady who will confirm the cleanliness of your room and sign on the sheet. Then you go to the warehouse lady to give back the items that were borrowed and ask her to sign the documents. If your roommate stays in the room, he/she also has to sign a declaration, confirming that he or she takes responsibility for the cleanliness of the room. Having that done, you should go to the administration to hand in the room pass, pay any arrears, return the key and check out.

If anybody wants to be accommodated during the academic year, this person need to inform the "bank of places”.

If someone wants to check-out during the academic year procedure is the same, but it should be done by the 1st day of the following month, so that you do not have to pay for the following month.

Kitchens’ description 

There is one kitchen per each floor with 3 four-burner stoves and a sink. They are usually electric stoves. In addition, there is a new oven on each floor.

Bathrooms’ description

There is one bathroom on each floor with 5 sinks, 6 toilets and 4 shower stalls. There are 2 urinals every second floor (instead of 2 toilets), but on all floors everyone can use the bathroom equally.

Common Rooms 

There is a couple of very interesting and attractive common rooms in Mikrus:

There is a professionally equipped gym on level -1, supervised by Przemysław Żerański. Enrollment takes place several times during the academic year.

On level -1 there is also a bike warehouse where residents can store their bicycles. Enrollment takes place several times during the academic year. The caretaker of this room is Aliaksandra Shmyk.

On the ground floor there is a banquet hall, which can be used for social gatherings or parties for up to 50 people. The caretaker of this hall is Filip Pelowski. You should contact Filip directly to reserve the room for a specific date.

On the first floor (room 129) there is a quiet room (studying room) , the key can be obtained at the reception. There is a second quiet room on the sixth floor (room 629) , the key can be obtained from Wojciech Kwiatkowski, who takes care of these rooms. During the holiday season, the room on the sixth floor turns into a box room, where people who have been living during the academic year and received a room for the following year (from October), and are going to home for the holidays can leave 3 boxes. Boxes are being collected at the end of June and given back in the early October.

On the fourth floor (room 429) is the Mikrus club, where you can hold a social gathering with a few people and use the board games there. The caretaker of this room is Mateusz Zadrozniak. You should contact Mateusz directly to reserve the room for a specific date.

On the eighth floor (room 829) there is the women's gym, in close future it will be in use. The caretaker of this common space is Nikodem Eluszkiewicz.

On the tenth floor (room 1029) is the model room, which is currently being prepared for renovation. The caretaker of this room is Kajetan Pajor.

Laundry and drying room 

The laundry and drying room is in one place, which is located on the 2nd floor, right next to the elevators. There are 3 wash machines and space to set up the dryer with your laundry. The cost of running a wash machine is 5 PLN. The only option is to pay with a 5 PLN coin. The best option is to choose a washing program that lasts 58 minutes, because with the rest of the programs as it happens sometimes do not even starts.

Information on recycling, and taking out garbage 

Place for garbage is located next to the right side of the entrance. There are containers for the plastic, paper, glass and mixed rubbish. Therefore, it is recommended to sort your trash keeping the planet in mind but it is not obligatory. You can open the gate by your student ID.

What is best to take with you from home before arrival?

It's a good idea to contact your roommate before accomodation to determine who has things such as an electric kettle, laundry dryer, toaster, microwave, dish dryer, hair dryer, etc. It's a good idea to take daily necessities such as soap, clothes, shower flip-flops, toilet paper, cooking utensils, cutlery, your own pillow, and bedding because dorm bedding is often padded. If one moves in during the holiday season it's a good idea to take a portable air conditioner.

What is unnecessary to take, because is provided by the dormitory or Residents’ Council?

At check-in, in the warehouse, it is possible to pick up bedding, pillow, sheet, blanket, internet cable and bedside lamp. At the porter's lodge it is possible to borrow a vacuum cleaner, brush and mop.

Types and description of rooms:

There are 490 places in the dormitory, which consists of 10 residential floors. On each floor there is one single room and 24 double rooms. The rooms with endings - 01 to - 04 and - 21 to 25 are located on the side of Polna Street and more sunlight is in the morning. On the other hand, the rest of the rooms are on the side of Ludwik Warynski Street and more sunlight enters them in the afternoon. There is one single room on each floor, whose number ends in - 01. There are no segmented rooms in this dormitory. The rooms are quite large, whose furnishings consist of a bunk bed, a refrigerator, sink, wastebasket, mirror, shelf, vanity cabinet, two desks, table.

Infrastructure around the dormitory:

The dorm is in a great location, right in the center of Warsaw, next to the Metro Politechnika subway station. Near the dorm you will find: pharmacy (1 minute walking), Student pub (1 minute walking), bar with fries (2 minutes walking), parcel machine behind DS Riviera (2 minutes walk), sports hall together with swimming pool in the complex "Sports and recreation center in Srodmiescie district at Polna Street" (2 minutes walking), Carrefour Express (3 minutes walking), żabka (4 minutes walking), bakery on Polna (4 minutes walking), 24-hour liquor store "Zakątek konesera" (4 minutes walking), milk bar on Polna (6 minutes walking), shopping mall "Unii Lubelskiej" (8 minutes walking), Biedronka (18 minutes by public transport).

The central campus is 10 minutes walking from the dormitory, and the south campus is 17 minutes by public transportation. While the Faculty of Architecture is 13 minutes walking far.

How to report the technical faults?

Faults should be reported at the reception by writing in the notebook. Any type of defect can be reported there, electrical, mechanical or related to the general functioning of the infrastructure in the dormitory, such as washing machines or equipment in the kitchen.

How to receive guests during the day and after 11pm?

If you want to invite a guest during the day, you need to report it to the reception and enter your and the guest data in the visitors' book. If you want to bring someone to your room during the night, you should fill paper form and get signature from the RM member. You have to leave this document at the reception and you can let your guest in. You can also leave this paper at the reception on the same day in the morning so that you already have it done. Overnight guests in your room is free. One resident is allowed a maximum of 2-3 overnight guests at once, a maximum of 3 nights in a row and 5 nights in a month.