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Babilon is located in the Ochota district of Warsaw on the Kopińska street. It’s the second biggest dormitory of WUT. It has more than 800 places to live. In this dormitory live students from faculties of: Administration and Social Sciences, Geodesy and Cartography, Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering and Civil Engineering. Babilon ensures an easy commute to the Main Campus in about 15 minutes by tram or bus.


ulica Kopińska 12/16, 02-321 Warszawa

Phone Numbers:

Lodge: 22 234 4000

Administration: 22 234 4003


Administration’s office working hours:

Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm but we always tell till it is till 3.30pm so that there’s no situation in which someone is not served.

Location of administration:

Administration is located in room 230, 2nd floor.

Administrative staff:

Kinga Luzar, kinga.luzar@ds.pw.edu.pl;

Monika Baranowska, monika.baranowska@pw.edu.p

Building Administrator - Rafał Byczot

room 129, rafal.byczot@pw.edu.pl, 22 234 4101

LAN network administrator:


Social Media:

Grupa FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/600885539976797

Fanpage FB: https://www.facebook.com/DS-Babilon-PW-123740464372984

Dormitory Council of Residents:

Chairman - Agata Jakubiak


  • Patryk Rakoczy
  • Bartłomiej Świada
  • Paweł Krzewiński
  • Karolina Leszczyńska
  • Jan Żuk
  • Grigorii Chernyshov
  • Oskar Rakoczy
  • Julia Skwarek
  • Łukasz Spiżewski
  • Damian Koperski
  • Wojciech Iwanow
  • Wojciech Szłapacki

How to contact with Dormitory Council of Residents (RM)?

Send a message to the dormitory’s profile, private on Facebook (to a member of council), post a message on the Facebook’s group or in person.

How the process of moving in and out looks like?

Moving in: Pay a visit in Administration Office -> Fill the documents -> Recieve the keys and optional equipment

Moving out: Clean Your room -> Return of keys and equipment -> Pay a visit in Administration Office

Types and description of rooms:

They’re segmental. Most of them are made of hall (with sink and fridge), bathroom and 2 rooms.

There are these types of rooms: single rooms, double rooms, 2+2, 3+0, 3+1, 3+2 and 3+3. The most common are 2+2. In each room there are: beds (single or bunk bed), closet, bookshelves, desks, chairs and sometimes a table. Single rooms are about 7-10 m2. Double rooms are about 12-15m2. 3-person rooms are about 20m2.

Kitchens’ description:

On each floor you can find 3 kitchens, in riser x12K, x35K and x49K (by the staircases). In x12K and x49K kitchens are 3 cookers, in x35K are 2 cookers. They are electrical or gas. There is also electrical ovens. In each kitchen there is cupboard with sink, trash cans and a kitchen countertop. All of the kitchens are monitored.

Bathrooms’ description:

They are in each segment – one bathroom is for 1-6 people, depending on the segment.

Laundry and drying room

Laundry room is on the 1st floor, by the main elevators. There are 4 wash machines and 2 dryers.

Laundry – 5zł

Dryer – 4zł

Most of the residents are hanging their laundry on the dryers standing in the corridors or in rooms.

Common Rooms and their supervisors:

TV Room (530) – Wojciech Iwanow, 518A

Billiard Room (430) – Grigorii Chernyshov, 322B

Games Room (429) – Paweł Krzewiński, 301

Banquet Room (18) – Karolina Leszczyńska, 316A

Ping-Pong (the table is behind the Banquet Room, rackets and balls are available at supervisor) -Grigorii Chernyshov, 322B

In order to book those rooms, you need to contact the supervisors. For the Banquet Room you must pay the caution – 400zł.

Silent Learning Room (1st floor, connecting corridor, by the old library) – key is on the reception

Storage – Arkadiusz Sadowski, 340B

Bike Room – Patryk Rakoczy, 340B

Parking – Wojciech Szłapacki, 445A

Parking and bike action are organized at the beginning of the academic year or later, as places become vacant.

Information about recycling, waste disposal

By the reception (go upstairs only by few steps), there’s garbage chamber for mixed waste. Trash containers for recycling are outside the Dormitory, on the internal area, called “studnia”.

What is best to take with you from home before arrival?

After discussion with your roommates (in order to avoid unnecessary doubling stuff): pots, dishes, cutlery, kettle, laundry dryer. You can also take (depending on your needs): microwave, toaster and iron.

What is unnecessary to take, because is provided by the dormitory or Residents’ Council?

While moving in (also later) from the repository you can take: blankets, quilt, cushions, bedding, internet cable. Bedding can be changed every 2 weeks (information about the change of bedding is being hanged around dorm). From the lodge you can borrow the vacuum.

Infrastructure around the dormitory:

Shops: 24h shop (named by students “Kej”), Kopińska Hall, Top Market, “Żabka”, Carrefour, a bit further “Biedronka”

Food: Biesiadowo Pizzeria, Viet-Thai Bar – we recommend this especially, it’s very tasty and cheap, more places with food are also nearby

Additional infrastructure: parcel locker, petrol station,ATM , public bikes station, hospital

Communiaction: stations Hala Kopińska and Wawelska

Trams: 1,7,9,14,15 and 25

Buses: 157, 182, 187, 517, 523

Night buses: N35 and N85

To the main campus: 14,15,182,187 and 523 (about 10 min)

To the southern campus it’s about 20-25 minutes.

By feet to both campuses it’s about half an hour and by bike it’s 20 min.

How to report the technical faults?

To report a technical fault, we write it up in the appropriate notebook in the lodge. Common faults are repaired on the fly. Problematic ones are solved as fast as it’s possible to.

How to receive guests during the day and after 11pm?

Normally 1 resident can have 5 visitors for during a day and 1 for the night. In order to receive guests, it’s necessary to pick them up at the lodge and leave resident card there (the visitor gets visitor card). When the guest is leaving the resident card and visitor card is swapped. The extension of the stay (so called overnight stay permit) can be obtained from the Member of Dormitory Council of Residents. Filled and signed permit you must leave at lodge by the 11 pm.