Znak Politechniki Warszawskiej

DS Riviera

In this dormitory mainly live students of EiTi (Electronics and Information Technology) and MiNI (Mathematics and Information Science) faculty. Attractively located: at the intersection of Armii Ludowej Avenue and Ludwika Waryńskiego Street, next to the Metro Politechnika. Dormitory is also between Unii Lubelskiej Square and Zbawiciela Square, next to the Mokotowskie Field. There are about 700 housing places. Characteristic features of the dormitory are its height and highly recognizable advertisement on the main wall of the building. DS Riviera stands out from other WUT residential buildings with a high standard of rooms and even a nice administration :)


ul. Ludwika Waryńskiego 12, 00-631 Warszawa

Building Administrator:

Michał Waś - michal.was@pw.edu.pl


Karolina Ruszkowska (administracja) - karolina.ruszkowska@pw.edu.pl


22 234 98 81 - Administracja (Karolina Ruszkowska)
22 234 98 83 - Portiernia

Administration’s office hours 

Monday-Friday: 8am-3pm (although there is always at least one person till 4pm).

Location of administration:

Enter the dormitory, on the left vis-a-vis the lodge there is a magnetic door, behind it to the left :)

LAN network administrator:

Best to contact via phone number: 22 234 5999 or email: 5999@pw.edu.pl

Social Media:

https://www.facebook.com/ds.riviera - FB

https://www.facebook.com/groups/680038908808455 - FB group

Dormitory Council of Residents:

Chairman - Patryk Skręta


  • Adam Sudoł 
  • Milena Kuna 
  • Julia Szełomow 
  • Daniel Kobiałka 
  • Wojciech Pacześniak 
  • Michał Kawałek 
  • Julita Wasilewska 
  • Jakub Kryczka 
  • Bartłomiej Kozak 
  • Daniel Jakubowski 
  • Jakub Kurek 
  • Piotr Wieczorek

How to contact Dormitory Council of Residents (RM)? 

Via Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ds.riviera

How does the process of moving in and moving out lookslike? 

Moving in: go to the Dormitory (the porter will let you in through the magnetic door) and then to the administration office. There you will receive keys to your room, internet token card and bedclothes.


There is one large kitchen on each floor. In each one there are 8 to 12 burners, two sinks, a few square meters for cutting, an oven and a rubbish bin.


Each room has its own sanitary facility. In the segments (3 + 3) you will find a 3-room bathroom: a room with two sinks, from where we can enter the room with a toilet and a sink, or a room with a shower and a sink. In double rooms you will find 2-bathroom rooms - one with a toilet and a sink, the other with a shower and a sink.

Common Rooms 

Games room - Milena Kuna - a room with board games and a poker table

Storage room - Wojciech Pacześniak - a room where we can store our belongings during the holidays

Banquet hall - Adam Sudoł - room that can be rented to play table tennis, table football and billiards or for a party

Bicycle stores - Michał Kawałek - rooms where we can store our bicycles

Music room - Pawel Kotiuk - a room with a piano that you can borrow and play instruments without disturbing others.

We rent / make an appointment to use the rooms above by contacting Council of Residents via Facebook page.

Quiet study rooms - porter - rooms that can be rented by contacting the porter

Laundry and drying room 

4 washing machines and dryer located in the basement. We pay for their services in coins - washing 5 zł, drying 3 zł.

Information on recycling, waste disposal

In DS Riviera we segregate garbage. Trash cans are on the patio.

What is best to take with you from home before your arrival? 

Apart from personal and hygienic items - RJ-45 cable, extension cord, basic set of cutlery, knives, plates, and a frying pan.

What is not worth taking, because it is provided by dormitory or Residents’ Council? 

Vacuum cleaners, electric cookers, washing machines.

Types and description of rooms 

In DS Riviera you will find segments (3 rooms + kitchenette + 3) and double rooms. In both rooms you will find wardrobes, desks, shelves, fridges; in the segmented annex, we will additionally find a table and benches to sit on.

Infrastructure around the dormitory 

There is a parcel locker right next to the dormitory. The building houses the famous Remont club and Pub Student. There are Żabka, Carrefour and a bar mleczny nearby.

To the Central Campus it takes 5-10 minutes on foot, to the South Campus 30 minutes or 20 minutes using public transport or 10 minutes by bike.

How to report technical faults?

To report a technical fault, we go to the lodge, where we enter our problem in the appropriate notebook.

How to receive guests during the day and after 11 PM? 

During the day guests do not have to be picked up by the resident from the lodge desk. In order to receive a guest after 11 p.m., you must obtain a permit from a member of the Residents’ Council. Such consent should be obtained before 23.00 on a given day, then, when letting the guest in, it should be left at the lodge. A guest may stay in a dormitory for a maximum of 3 nights in a row, 5 nights in a given month.

Additional information:

It is a dormitory for people with high tolerance to the noise outside the windows and high temperatures on warmer days. Besides – bee’s knees.

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